Chrono24 Help and Frequently Asked Questions

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Searching for Watches on Chrono24

How do I search for a watch on Chrono24?
You can search for your dream watch on Chrono24 using the search bar. You have the option of setting filters on the search results page.

Search bar
The search bar is the easiest way to search for watches on Chrono24. As you type, you will automatically receive suggested searches.

Search results page
The search results page offers various filter options. You can filter by brand, model, reference number, or availability, for example. The results can also be sorted by relevance, price, popularity, or listing date.

By clicking on "Save this search," you can create a search query that will email you new relevant listings. Your selected filters are saved automatically.
How do I filter search results for specific listings?
After entering your search, you can filter the results by brand, model, condition, material, and more on the search results page. Click on more to see additional filters. You can select multiple options for the same filter simultaneously. To disable a filter, simply untick the box.

You can sort the search results by relevance, price, popularity, and listing date via the box on the top right of the page. You can set a default mode of sorting in the Settings section of your myChrono24 user area.
Why do luxury watches have reference numbers?
Luxury watch manufacturers use reference numbers to identify specific watch models. Some companies (e.g., Breitling) have particularly detailed reference numbers that indicate a timepiece's strap or bracelet, clasp type, and other details.

Buying Watches


How can I buy a watch on Chrono24?
There are two ways to buy a watch on Chrono24:

Payment via Chrono24:
Many listings allow you to buy the watch directly on Chrono24. To do so, click the green "Buy" button on the listing page. Once confirmed, you will transfer payment to a secure escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have the watch in your hands. The Chrono24 team is always available to help ensure the entire purchasing process runs smoothly.

You can find further information about purchase processing on Chrono24 here:
Contact the seller directly:
If the seller doesn't offer payment processing on Chrono24, you should contact them by clicking on the "Contact seller" button or giving them a call. You can then agree on payment and shipping directly with the seller.

Please note: Your contract partner is always the seller.
What determines the total price of a watch?
Many factors contribute to a watch's total price. In addition to the watch's listing price, there are additional costs such as packaging, insurance, shipping, and taxes (e.g. VAT or import). Depending on whether you order your watch from a domestic or foreign seller, you may incur other costs. Contact the seller for more information.
Do I need to register with Chrono24 before making a purchase?
Yes, this allows us to better assist you should any questions arise, as well as enables us to inform you about your order's status.
Who is my contract partner when buying a watch?
Your contract partner is always the respective dealer or private seller. When you choose Chrono24 payment processing, you will be shown the terms of sale during the sales process. If you decide to buy the watch directly from the dealer, please take note of the dealer's terms and conditions.

You can read more about paying on Chrono24 here:
How can I pay for an item?
You can pay via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), bank transfer, or Affirm (currently only available in the USA). The available payment methods are shown on the listing page.

We work together with the payment service provider Mangopay to process payments. Mangopay is a payment service provider that specializes in online marketplaces and is associated with the French bank Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.
What should I do if the seller doesn't respond to my inquiry?
There are many reasons why a seller might not respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. Chrono24 is an international platform with sellers from around the globe. Many dealers take national holidays off in addition to other vacation days. Increased demand can also result in a backlog of inquiries, leading to delayed responses. Please make sure your message is in one of the languages listed next to the contact form and give the seller an appropriate amount of time to respond.
Where can I report suspicions about an item's authenticity?
You can report a suspicious item directly on the listing page. Every listing contains the "Report listing" link. Please describe the reason(s) for your suspicions in as much detail as possible. We will then look into the matter and take any necessary disciplinary actions.
How can I recognize counterfeits?
Chrono24 has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dealers listing counterfeit watches. We verify every dealer on our platform, and many of them have been selling watches on Chrono24 for years. The Trusted Seller seal is further evidence of a dealer's trustworthiness. We immediately suspend any dealer proven to be offering fakes or replicas.

If you're concerned about a watch's authenticity, research its current market value. Watches from luxury brands like Rolex, Breitling, and others rarely sell for only a few hundred dollars. If you have any doubts, you should refrain from making a purchase. Prices that seem too good to be true probably are. Instead, you should report your concerns by clicking the "Report listing" link on the listing page.

Please note that authentic watches are sometimes repaired using replacement parts. These components are not always a 1:1 match with those used in the original. Non-original components are especially common in vintage watches. In such instances, the dealer must indicate all replacement parts in the listing.
How can I contact the seller?
You can place an order on listings that offer Chrono24 payment processing by clicking on the green "Buy" button. If you have any questions about the listing, you can send the seller a message via the "Contact seller" button.

For all other listings, contact the seller via the "Contact seller" button.

The seller will receive your message via email. We do not have any information about when the seller will read or respond to your message. You can also try calling the seller if they have listed a phone number. You can find their phone number on the listing page under "Seller."

You can learn more about payment processing on Chrono24 here:

How soon is the item available?
Items are typically available immediately or on short notice. You can find more exact information on the individual listing page.


How long does delivery take, and how much does shipping cost?
Most dealer listings will include information about the delivery time and shipping costs. Private sellers will send you a custom offer that includes this information.
Which delivery service will deliver my order?
The dealer usually chooses the delivery service. You can view the delivery service information in the shipping confirmation.
Can I track my order?
We'll send you an email as soon as the item has been shipped. This will include its tracking number, if available.
Am I insured against shipping damage or theft?
As long as you haven't made other arrangements with the dealer, orders with Buyer Protection are always shipped fully insured, even internationally. If purchasing from a private person, you should discuss the shipping details with the seller.
Up to what value is the shipment insured?
The shipment is insured for its full value.

Purchasing from Private Sellers

What should I know about purchasing from private sellers?
If you would like to make a purchase from a private seller, the Escrow Service on Chrono24 is the most secure payment method. You transfer the amount due to an escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have the watch in your hands. The Chrono24 team is always available to help ensure the entire purchasing process runs smoothly.

If the private seller doesn't offer the Escrow Service on Chrono24 as a payment method, we suggest meeting the seller in person at a safe location. Ideally, meet them at an established watch dealer's shop where the watch can be inspected immediately. Other alternatives include PayPal or using an external escrow service.

Purchasing from Commercial Dealers

What are the advantages of a warranty?
Dealers and manufacturers often voluntarily offer warranties that cover the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged timepiece. The warranty usually applies to either the entire watch or the functionality of certain components. Most warranties expire after a pre-determined period of time.

Online dealers may offer additional warranties. Before purchasing a watch, be sure to look into what the dealer's warranty covers and for how long. Once you've received your watch, make sure the warranty card is dated and stamped or signed. The date on the warranty card should match the date on your receipt. If this is not the case, your warranty may be void.
To what extent does Chrono24 check their dealers?
Every dealer on Chrono24 has their identity and integrity thoroughly reviewed during the registration process. This includes their trade license, as well as references from other dealers. Customer feedback also plays a role in the process.
What does a Trusted Seller seal signify about a dealer?
Chrono24 thoroughly reviews every dealer's identity and integrity during the registration process. Only dealers who have demonstrated consistent reliability and trustworthiness on Chrono24 are eligible to receive a Trusted Seller seal.

Trusted Sellers are commercial watch dealers and are required to comply with certain conditions. These include:

  • All information posted on the platform and provided to Chrono24 about themselves must be truthful.
  • The dealer may only sell original goods from trusted sources.
  • The dealer must truthfully state the conditions of their goods and point out possible defects or damages in writing and with pictures.
  • Dealers are strongly encouraged to respond to customer emails within 5 business days.

Ensuring fair business practices on Chrono24 is one of our top priorities. If disagreements arise, the dealer and customer should work together to find a mutually satisfactory solution. The violation of one or more of these conditions can result in the temporary or permanent loss of the Trusted Seller seal or, in the case of very serious infringements, Chrono24 membership.
Where do dealer recommendations come from?
Watch dealers are allowed to recommend other dealers to Chrono24 users, up to a maximum of 10 recommendations. However, only Trusted Sellers can recommend other dealers or be recommended themselves.

Purchasing Watches from Abroad

I'm interested in a listing from abroad. What should I take into consideration and what fees apply?
The price displayed is the price set by the seller. You may incur additional costs such as customs fees, taxes, or shipping and insurance fees.

For the exact price and costs involved, please contact the seller. They will be able to tell you if the delivery service will take care of any customs clearance procedures. Please reach out to your local customs authorities if you have any questions regarding your country's customs regulations.

Watch purchases made within the European Union are duty free. However, when importing a watch into the EU from a third country (the United States, for example), you will incur a customs fee and import sales tax. Please contact your local customs authorities for more information.
What are customs duties and import taxes?
When importing goods into your country, you may owe customs duties and import taxes. These are charged by the responsible customs authority and must be paid as soon as the item has reached its destination country. For more information, please contact your local customs authority.
How and where can I pay the customs duties and import taxes?
The responsible customs authority charges any duties and taxes, which are due as soon as the item has reached its destination country. In most cases, you will pay any duties and taxes owed to the delivery service at the time of delivery.


Which payment methods are available?
Many listings offer payment processing on Chrono24. In these cases, you can either pay by credit card or bank transfer. Your money goes into a secure escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have the watch in your hands. The Chrono24 team is always available to help ensure the entire purchasing process runs smoothly

You can find further information about paying via Chrono24 here:
If you're unable to process your payment using Chrono24's escrow account, please contact the seller directly to discuss payment details.
The seller only offers advance payment by bank transfer. Is that trustworthy?
We recommend processing all transactions using the Chrono24 escrow account whenever possible. If this option is unavailable, please proceed as follows:

It is very important to us that all dealers listed on Chrono24 are trustworthy. Chrono24 conducts an extensive review of every dealer's identity and legitimacy during the registration process. Dealers provide personal information, such as their trade license and references from other dealers. There is no reason to be suspicious of dealers who require advance payment via bank transfer. As an alternative, you can personally meet the dealer at a safe location where you can pay in cash and receive the watch. Please note that Chrono24 takes no responsibility for such sales.

When buying from a private seller, we do not recommend advance payment via bank transfer for security reasons. If the private seller requires advance payment and you absolutely want to buy the watch, it is in your best interest to review the legitimacy of both the seller and their offer. For example, you can request references, more pictures of the watch, or personal documents. Possible alternatives include meeting in person at a secure location and paying in cash or using a trustworthy escrow service. If you have any doubts about the seller's trustworthiness, you should not go through with the purchase.

Many sellers offer payment processing on Chrono24. In this case, you transfer the payment to a secure escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have the watch in your hands. The Chrono24 team is always available to help ensure your purchase runs smoothly. You can learn more about Chrono24 payment processing here:

Are credit card and PayPal secure payment methods?
We always recommend processing transactions using Chrono24's secure escrow account. Please keep the following in mind when paying via credit card or PayPal:

You can take steps to guarantee your security when paying with a credit card. Make sure your connection is secure. To do so, check that the website URL begins with "https" and that there is a padlock symbol in your browser's address bar. Regularly monitor your credit card statements. Many credit card providers have a zero-liability policy. This means that customers are not liable for fraudulent charges as long as they report them immediately. For more information about using PayPal, please contact PayPal directly. Reminder: Payments made to "Family and Friends" are not covered by PayPal's buyer protection policy. Chrono24 cannot offer support in such instances.
How can I pay for an order using an escrow service?
Many listings offer payment processing on Chrono24. In these cases, you transfer payment to a secure escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have the watch in your hands. The Chrono24 team is always available to help ensure your purchase runs smoothly. You can learn more about Chrono24 payment processing here:
If you're unable to process your payment using Chrono24's escrow account, please note the following:

You can likely find other trustworthy escrow services in your own country. Make sure to research the escrow service thoroughly before making a final choice.

Both buyer and seller must agree to the use of an escrow service. Please only accept information the escrow service provides directly to you. Do not rely on emails forwarded by the seller.


What is the return policy?
You should look into the dealer's return policy before making a purchase. Some dealers only accept returns on watches with their seals and packaging intact. It is in your best interest to fully insure the return shipment and to comply with the return deadline. We recommend reaching out to the dealer to discuss the process before returning the item.
What should I do if I want to return an item?
If your payment was processed via the Escrow Service and you would like to return the item, please either call (+852 3002 0310) or email () our support team. We will document and confirm that you made a return request within the allotted window, initiate the return process, and keep you updated along the way.

If you paid the dealer or seller directly, you should contact them regarding a return.

Please note private sellers have no legal obligation to accept returns.
Who pays the return shipping costs?
You are responsible for the cost of the return shipment. Please note that it can cost up to 300 USD to ship a return item, including insurance coverage.

Buyer Protection

How long is Chrono24 Buyer Protection valid?
If you have any problems, contact our support team using the contact form within 14 days of receiving your order. Please include the order number in your message.
What is Chrono24 Buyer Protection?
Chrono24 Buyer Protection has you covered from the moment you place an order all the way through to any potential returns:

  • Payment via the Escrow Service
  • An Authenticity Guarantee
  • A legally mandated 14-day return policy
  • Strict dealer guidelines
  • Insured shipments
  • The support of our quality and security team

You can learn more about Buyer Protection at
How much does Buyer Protection cost?
In most cases, Buyer Protection is a free service. However, payments made via the Escrow Service using an American Express credit card incur additional fees since this payment method is so expensive. You will see the corresponding fee when selecting your payment method.
What does Chrono24 Buyer Protection cover?
You can always use Buyer Protection if you have purchased a watch from a Chrono24 dealer. The order must have been formally submitted via the Chrono24 system. If you didn't use the Escrow Service to pay for your watch, you can still activate Buyer Protection retroactively.

Please note that Buyer Protection does not apply to purchases made from private sellers.
Does Buyer Protection come with any special warranty?
Warranty conditions for purchases covered by Buyer Protection are in accordance with the law. An extended warranty is not provided.
Will I receive a refund if I return a purchase?
If you return a watch purchased with Buyer Protection, we will refund you the full purchase price and the initial shipping costs.

However, please note that you are responsible for the return shipping costs. Together with insurance, this can amount to up to 300 USD. You are also responsible for contacting your customs authorities about having any import taxes and customs duties refunded.
What happened to Trusted Checkout?
Trusted Checkout is the former name of Chrono24 Buyer Protection. We've changed the name to improve understanding. Of course, you will still enjoy the same benefits you're used to.

Chrono24 Buyer Protection includes:
  • Payment via the Escrow Service
  • An Authenticity Guarantee
  • A legally mandated 14-day return policy
  • Strict dealer guidelines
  • Insured shipments
  • Support from our quality and security team

You can find more information about Chrono24 Buyer Protection at " rel="noopener">.



Why should I create a myChrono24 account?
Registering on Chrono24 brings you closer to the world of luxury watches. Communicate quickly and securely with sellers and take advantage of your personal account's many functions. The account's user-friendly interface enables you to view your information at a glance.

Quick and secure purchases

With a myChrono24 account, you can quickly and securely purchase your dream watch from the dealer of your choice. The dealer can also answer any questions you might have.

A user-friendly interface

Add interesting listings to your Notepad so they are easy to find. You can also save your searches and receive email alerts about new listings.

Easily create and manage listings

You can use Chrono24 to both buy and sell watches. Create professional listings in a few easy steps and publish them on our platform.

You can find more information here:
How do I edit my personal information?
Log in with your email address (username) and password. Go to "Profile." There, you can edit and save personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, or password. To edit your website and email settings, including your preferred language, go to "Settings." This is also where you can subscribe or unsubscribe from our newsletter.
How can I change my password?
You can change your password in the "Profile" section of your myChrono24 user area. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Change password." You will then be asked to enter both your old and new passwords. If you can't remember your password, enter your email address and then click "Forgot your password?" on the login screen. You will be asked to confirm your email address and click Reset password. After that, check your inbox for an email with instructions for resetting your password.
How can I delete my Chrono24 user account?
Go to the Profile section of your myChrono24 user area and click on "Delete account" at the bottom of the page. Please note that this will also delete your saved searches, Notepad, and all listings.
Can I send messages on Chrono24?
Yes, after you've logged in, you can send and receive secure messages from buyers and sellers on Chrono24. You can access your messages both on Chrono24's website, as well as in the Chrono24 app.
Why should I communicate with buyers and sellers on Chrono24?
Security and protection

Communicating via Chrono24's messenger function guarantees secure order and payment processing. You don't have to share your email address or telephone number with buyers and sellers, thus keeping your personal information out of third-party hands. Your information and messages are safe with us.

Efficient communication

Quickly send messages directly to the buyer or seller. There's no need for emails or other communication platforms.

Communicate across borders

On Chrono24, language is not an issue. You can translate messages into your own language by clicking the "Translate" button found below every message.

Everything at a glance

It's easy to keep track of all your messages. You can view and manage current and past conversations with buyers and sellers. You can also see the current status of your requests and orders. You also have access to all previous communication should any disagreements arise.

Spam filter

We identify and protect you from suspicious messages. Messages sent on Chrono24 undergo manual analysis for the following reasons:

  • Fraud prevention
  • To expose and prevent unlawful practices and violations of our general terms and conditions
  • To improve our own customer service and communication.
  • Can I add attachments to my message?
    Yes, you can add attachments by clicking on the paperclip symbol. The file size may not exceed 60MB. Accepted file formats: pdf, txt, eml, mp4, mov, rtf, m4v, csv, wmv, doc, docx, xls, zip, odt, pages, rar, ppt, pptx, ods, jpg, jpeg, png, and gif.
    Can I delete conversations?
    You can manage and archive your conversations. We can also delete conversations for you upon request.
    Can I recall a message I've already sent?
    No, messages cannot be recalled once they've been sent.
    Can I search through and filter my messages?
    Yes, you can filter messages by status: Unread, Unanswered, and Archived. You can also search for messages using keywords or prices.

    Notepad and Saved Searches

    How can I save a search?
    To save a new search, simply click the "Save this search" button above the search results on the right-hand side. You can save as many searches as you'd like.
    How can I edit or delete a saved search?
    To see a list of your saved searches, go to your myChrono24 user area and select "Saved searches." Here, you can delete searches, as well as activate and deactivate notifications for each search. You can also rename individual searches by clicking on "Edit."
    How can I view and manage my Notepad?
    You can access your Notepad in your myChrono24 user area. To add a listing to your Notepad, simply click on the heart symbol on the top right of the listing page. Click the heart again to remove the listing. Deleted, inactive, and sold listings are automatically removed from your Notepad.
    What is the Chronography section for?
    The Chronography keeps track of which listings you have visited in reverse chronological order so that they are easier to find again.

    Watch Collection

    What is the Watch Collection?
    The Watch Collection lets you manage and track all of your watches online. Simply enter each watch's details and, if you'd like, add your own photos. You'll then have access to historical price trends, as well as projections of your timepieces' future financial performance. You can also use the Watch Collection to follow other watches you are interested in.
    Do I have to own a watch to add it to my Watch Collection?
    No, you can also follow watches that you are simply interested in. To track a watch's performance, enter its reference number or brand, model, and condition and select the option "I don't own this watch."

    Learn more
    How many watches can I add to my Watch Collection?
    You may add an unlimited number of watches.
    Why is there a watch in my Watch Collection that I didn't personally add?
    As soon as you purchase a watch on Chrono24, it is automatically added to your Watch Collection, allowing you to track its value over time.
    Which estimated values are available in the Watch Collection?
    You can view the estimated value and change in value of each individual watch, as well as your entire collection.
    How often is the estimated value updated?
    Estimated values are reassessed on a daily basis. However, price fluctuations are only visible across longer periods of time.
    Can other users view my Watch Collection?
    No, your Watch Collection is only visible to other users if you actively share it with them.
    Can I save personal information in the Watch Collection?
    Yes, you can add your own photos and notes to each watch.
    Can I add rare timepieces to the Watch Collection?
    Yes, you can add any watch to your Watch Collection so that it is complete. That being said, there may be little to no data available on rare watches. If the same model is added by other users and we have sufficient data, new information will be added to your Watch Collection automatically.

    Selling Watches as a Private Seller


    How much does it cost to sell on Chrono24?
    Creating a listing on Chrono24 is free. Once you've sold your watch, we charge a commission fee of 6.5%. The commission fee is only due after you have sold your watch. We retain the commission fee directly during the payout of the sales price. Please note: Some buyers may not be able to pay via the Escrow Service. Should this be the case, we will send you an invoice for the commission fee.

    Learn more
    How are accessories and parts billed?
    Selling accessories and parts is free for private sellers on Chrono24.

    To create a listing, go to "Sell a watch" and then click on "Sell accessories and parts."
    How long will my listing be online?
    Your listing will remain online for 3 months. During this time, you may not offer or sell the item elsewhere. If you don't sell your watch within the initial period of validity, you can choose to either delete your listing or renew it for another 3 months. Before we can renew your listing, we sometimes require proof that the item is still in your possession.
    How many listings can private sellers publish?
    Private sellers are allowed to post up to 10 listings simultaneously. As a private seller, you may not list items for commercial sale. We reserve the right to withhold certain listings if they appear to be of a commercial nature.

    Please register as a dealer if you would like to sell watches commercially on Chrono24. You can find more information here.
    Can I sell my entire collection as a private collector?
    There are no special conditions for collectors. To sell your collection, you must create individual listings for each watch.
    Does Chrono24 buy watches directly?
    As an online marketplace, Chrono24 brings together watch lovers from around the world. Sales always take place between buyers and sellers. We do not buy, appraise, or inspect any items. We recommend selling your watch via a private listing.

    Listing Watches

    How do I create a watch listing?
    Create a listing for your watch in just a few simple steps using our Listing Assistant:
    1. Enter your watch's reference number in the search bar. Our Listing Assistant will recognize the watch and fill out certain details automatically.
    2. Describe your watch in detail. The more detailed the description, the easier it is for potential buyers to find your listing.
    3. Add up to 10 images of the watch taken from different angles. Keep your camera handy; you'll be asked to take 2 additional photos of the watch set to specific times and upload them as proof of ownership. These photos are displayed in your listing.
    4. Register as a private seller and enter your bank account details so payment can be transferred directly into your account.
    Learn more
    What is a reference number?
    Reference numbers indicate a watch's specific model and/or model variant and can be composed of letters and numbers. Some manufacturers put the reference number on the case back (not to be confused with the case number), between the lugs, or inscribe it on the dial. You should always be able to find the reference number in your watch's documents and on the invoice. If you cannot locate the reference number, search for the manufacturer (often found on the dial) and compare the image results with your watch. This quick bit of research should help you in most cases.
    What should I enter as the watch's condition?
    What should I do if I can't set the time for my security images?
    Security images allow us to determine if the seller is actually in possession of the watch. If you cannot set the watch to the specified times, you may write them on a slip of paper and place that next to your watch. Then upload the photos as proof. If this isn't possible, please contact us at
    How can I figure out what my watch is worth?
    Use the free appraisal tool on Chrono24. We compare your watch to 500,000 listings from around the world and then give you a suggested price. This helps you sell your watch at the best possible rate.

    Of course, you are also welcome to browse listings manually on Chrono24 and analyze their prices. Alternatively, you can have your timepiece appraised by a jeweler or auction house.

    Please note that you can get a higher sales price by listing your watch online. Prices received from auction houses and jewelers are usually on the low end as they need to consider their margins when making a purchase.
    What do technical terms like "repeater" or "chronograph" mean?
    You can find definitions for the most important technical terms in our watch terms glossary.
    I can't find my listing. When will it be activated on Chrono24?
    There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to find your listing on Chrono24:
    1. The manual review hasn't taken place yet.
    2. We manually review new listings for the safety of all Chrono24 users. These reviews only take place on business days and not on weekends. Listings are usually activated within 1 to 3 business days.
    3. The security images aren't correct. In this case, you will have received an email requesting that you update the security images in your myChrono24 area.
    4. Your user account isn't active yet. Please check whether you have confirmed your user account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.
    5. In some countries, we require private sellers to confirm their identity. Your identity probably hasn't been confirmed yet. Please note that it can take 1 to 3 business days to review your identification documents.
    How do I edit or delete private listings?
    You can edit or delete private listings in your myChrono24 user area under "Listings." If you'd like to change the price, brand, or model, please contact Please note that once you delete your listing, it cannot be reactivated.
    Can I change my payment method for the listing fee retroactively?
    If payment for your premium upgrade doesn't go through, you can cancel the transaction and return to Chrono24. Once there, you can select a new payment method. If you have any further questions, please contact
    How can I delete my listing?
    Your listing will remain online for 3 months. During this time, you may only offer your item on Chrono24. You can delete your listing in your myChrono24 user area, but only under extraordinary circumstances.
    Why is Chrono24 checking if my listing is up to date within the paid period of validity?
    We want to offer visitors to our watch marketplace the best possible experience. To keep the listings on Chrono24 up to date, we send emails every 3 months to check that advertised items are still available. If you don't confirm your listing's availability, it will be automatically deleted after a week.
    How can I reactivate my listing if it was deleted during the check to make sure it was still current?
    We would be happy to reactivate your listing. Please send us an email at


    How exactly does the sales process work?
    The sales process takes place using the secure Escrow Service on Chrono24. That means you only send the watch after the buyer has transferred the purchase price to an escrow account. Once the buyer has received the item, we pay out the sum to you.

    In certain instances, the Escrow Service may not be available in the buyer or seller's country. Should this be the case, the buyer will pay you directly. Let them know your preferred payment method, such as bank transfer or PayPal.

    You can find more information about payment processing via the Escrow Service here.
    I have concerns about a buyer's trustworthiness. What should I do?
    Never take unnecessary risks. Instead, offer the buyer a payment method like PayPal. Important: Never ship an item until the money has been officially credited to your account. Do not rely on email payment confirmations.

    Of course, you can also hand deliver the item to the buyer. We recommend you choose a safe and monitored location, such as a jewelry store, if you want to meet in person.
    Why am I not shown the prospective buyer's email address?
    In order to protect the privacy of our users, we hide the email addresses of buyers and sellers communicating via our system. Email addresses are automatically anonymized. This protects you from people attempting to misuse our platform for phishing or other fraudulent purposes.

    Once an agreement has been reached with the prospective buyer, you can request any necessary contact information for shipping or PayPal payment purposes. A link to this contact information request form is included in every email you receive from a prospective buyer through our system.

    Here is an example of an anonymized email address:
    Which payment methods can I offer buyers?
    The buyer usually pays via the Escrow Service on Chrono24. That means they transfer the amount due to a secure escrow account. After that, you send the watch to the buyer. The purchase price is then paid out to you once the watch has arrived at its destination.

    In certain instances, the Escrow Service may not be available in the buyer or seller's country. Should this be the case, the buyer will pay you directly. Let them know your preferred payment method, such as bank transfer or PayPal. Chrono24 will then share your payment information with the buyer.

    You can find more information about payment processing via the Escrow Service here.

    Of course, can you also hand deliver the item to the buyer. We recommend completing the handover at a safe and monitored location, such as a jewelry store. You can still take advantage of the Escrow Service when using this delivery method. Please review our Security Notes.
    When is the commission fee due?
    If you use the Escrow Service, we retain the commission fee automatically during payout of the sales price.

    If the buyer has made a direct payment, we will send you an invoice for the commission fee. Please pay the amount due within 14 days.

    Learn more
    What happens to the commission fee if no sale takes place?
    If we have sent you an invoice for the commission fee even though you haven't sold your watch, you can cancel the sale. To do so, please go to your sales overview and upload 2 more pictures of the watch as proof of ownership.

    If you have sold your watch somewhere else, please provide us with proof of sale.
    How do I safely send my watch?
    Please make note of the following to ensure that your watch arrives safely at its destination:

    • Packaging: Choose a sturdy box in an appropriate size and fill it with sufficient packing material.
    • Recipient's address: Have the buyer confirm the shipping address. Make sure you write the complete, correct address legibly on the package or shipping document.
    • Insurance: Thoroughly research insurance options before shipping. Choose a shipping method that insures valuables and watches for their full value against damage or loss.
    • Tracking: Select a shipping method that comes with tracking. Send the buyer the shipment’s tracking number so they can track their package.

    Selling Watches Commercially

    How do I register as a commercial dealer?
    You can register a as a commercial dealer on Chrono24 in a few easy steps:
    1. Enter your personal information
    2. Submit your payment details (credit card or, in most of Europe, SEPA direct debit)
    3. Upload your verification documents
    You're now ready to create your first listings. However, before they can be published, Chrono24 has to activate your dealer account. Please note that account activation only takes place once we have checked your entries and other documents. We require copies of the following documents, which you may either upload or send to us via email, fax, or mail:
    • Trade register excerpt or business registration
    • Proof of address in the form of a utility bill (phone, electricity, etc.)
    Register now for your free 30-day trial and start exploring all Chrono24 has to offer:
    What are the various pricing plans for commercial dealers?
    Chrono24 offers various packages to meet our dealer's diverse needs. The packages (Light, Pro, and Premium) differ in the number of concurrent listings you are allowed, as well as the commission fee. You can choose to pay monthly or once a year in advance. Further details can be found here.
    How do I create a listing?
    You can either list your watches manually or have us automatically import them from your website. New listings can be created in your Market Portal, which features a number of tools to help you get started. You can add up to 16 images to each listing, no matter which package you book. We can only import data from your website if you have a minimum of 50 listings. The data from your website is imported automatically and updated daily.
    How do I edit or delete listings?
    When importing data, listings are taken 1:1 from your dealer website. Any changes made to your website will also be reflected on Chrono24 the next time you import data.

    You can edit or delete listings created manually in your Market Portal. To do so, go to Manage listings under Listings. Enter the changes you want to make and then save the listing.
    How are accessories and parts billed?
    We offer special conditions for components and accessories. Fifty listings for watch accessories count as a single watch offer.
    Why am I not shown the prospective buyer's email address?
    In order to protect the privacy of our users, we hide the email addresses of buyers and sellers communicating via our system. Email addresses are automatically anonymized. This protects you from people attempting to misuse our platform for phishing or other fraudulent purposes.

    Once an agreement has been reached with the prospective buyer, you can request any necessary contact information for shipping or PayPal payment purposes. A link to this contact information request form is included in every email you receive from a prospective buyer through our system.

    Here is an example of an anonymized email address:
    Is the information I provide in listings binding?
    Yes, the information you provide in listings is binding. Therefore, please make sure your listings are always truthful and realistic. We reserve the right to charge guideline violation fees on any order canceled after the buyer has already transferred payment.
    Will I be charged a guideline violation fee if I don't comply with the listing's indicated availability?
    We charge a guideline violation fee when a paid order is canceled after its indicated delivery date. In such instances, it does not matter if the order was canceled by the buyer or seller.
    How can I avoid guideline violation fees?
    You can avoid guideline violation fees by keeping your listings up to date.

  • If you offer your watches on multiple platforms, you can overestimate the availability when creating a listing. This way, you can avoid delays should you receive more than one request.

  • Check whether or not the watch is actually available before confirming an order. Also, make sure that the indicated delivery date is still accurate.

  • Keep your buyers up to date, and immediately cancel any sales for which the watch is no longer available.

  • If you feel you have been charged a guideline violation fee by mistake, please reach out to your personal contact.
  • Where can I see if I've been charged a guideline violation fee?
    You can find any guideline violation fees you may owe in your Market Portal.
  • The information appears on your dashboard under "Order fulfillment," as well as in an additional box labeled "Guideline violation fees."

  • You can also find information about guideline violation fees by going to "Transaction history" under "Accounting." Here, you can check which fees you will be charged before receiving an invoice and have the opportunity to ask questions in advance.

  • Invoices also contain a line for guideline violation fees.
  • How much is the guideline violation fee?
    The guideline violation fee is 50% of what the commission fee would have been if the sale had been completed.
    I have been charged a guideline violation fee and have questions. What can I do?
    If you feel you have been charged a guideline violation fee by mistake, please reach out to your personal contact.

    Data privacy policy

    Is my information secure on Chrono24?
    Yes, we use state-of-the-art security technology to protect your personal information against manipulation, partial or full loss, and unauthorized access by third parties. You can find further details in our Privacy Policy.
    Is my information forwarded to third parties?
    We use your personal information exclusively to process your purchase request or order. We only forward your information to third parties in the instances laid out in our Privacy Policy.
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